Everything That Shined

by Allison Brown

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released June 10, 2005



all rights reserved


Allison Brown Windsor, Ontario

Allison Brown’s sweet, powerful singing offers a captivating invitation to follow her down lonesome railroad lines, into abandoned buildings, back in time, to high above the stratosphere as she illustrates landscapes both strange and familiar with her newest collection of songs. “a gorgeous voice that seemed way too big for one person” ~ NoDepression.Com ... more

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Track Name: Saving Daylight
All day long's just been a shadow
I'm jumping over puddles of yesterday's rain
I'm gonna hide out till the clouds roll over
Until a smile is easier to maintain
And it's coming on November
Doesn't mean an end to my sunny days
It ain't the lack of light outside that makes it hard
To see all the colour between all the greys

The sun is goin' down a lot earlier these days
The sun is goin' down down down a lot earlier these days
The sun is goin' down a lot earlier
A whole lot easier
Mmm Mmmm mmm mm

What did I do with that extra hour?
Was it best used just sleeping in ?
Work that day felt a whole lot longer
Came home not really knowing where I'd been
This time of year just makes me crazy
My reckless heart don't want to behave
I'm thinking on the years that I put behind me
Oh I need all the time I can save

So long, so long have a happy Halloween
Here I'm already thinking about New Year's Eve
and the clock on my kitchen wall still says it's one fifteen
Must be time to leave

I get off the couch with hesitation
Living by the words of the weatherman
He says no chance of precipitation
I still open the door holding out my hand

La la la

Allison Brown SOCAN 2005
Track Name: Magpie
Once I shared my heart with a Magpie
He told me second hand stories
He told me first hand lies
When he left the windows open
It was me who killed the flies
and we flew all over this city picking up
Everything that shined

He was a free ramblin' man and I was his wild rose
Finding out it's hard to fly when you're stepping on each other's toes
Working real hard at becoming post-modern hobos
We had misguided intentions
But we had all the right clothes

Ain't this an easy place to go crazy in
A nice place to try to erase your original sin
I've had days when nobody sees me
And when I speak nobody believes me
That's when I let the cool of the river ease me
On into my dreams

Only jaded fools dream of lonesome highways
Guilty hearts redeemed by the open road
When I close my eyes all I see are yellow lines
When I open them again I'm still at home
And I know love turns friends into enemies
I know money makes the world go around
I've got a lump in my throat and a drink here in my hand
I'm still not sure what I'm trying to wash down


I never did say to much if I even got in a word
You can't catch fire when you're standing in the shadows of a great big bird
And it's warm inside this pile of ashes so cold in the open air
Makes me want to light a match and see my feathers flare
And I burn so easy
I burn so easy
Track Name: Fool About Money
I've been a fool about my money
I've been a fool about it all
And even though I don't have anything at all
I feel good
I feel free

I'm just a fool without an excuse
How did I think that I could take this much abuse
Every day I wake up only to run myself back into the ground
But I still feel good
I feel free

I was a fool to go and open up my big mouth
Now I'm turning what should have been whispers into shouts
And even though I don't have many friends left at all I still feel good
I feel free

I was a fool to take this kind of chance
The heartbreak is never worth the initial romance
And even though I don't have anybody to love
I still feel good
I feel free

SOCAN Allison Brown & Maureen Sullivan 2005