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Viper At The Virgin's Feet

by Allison Brown

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When I get over the mountain When I cross that river When I get out of the deep dark forest I will still be a beginner When I look over my shoulder At all I've left behind I will forgive every sinner And all of those who have treated me unkind They will all go back to gold in good time And All The Birds are Circling All The Birds are Circling All The Birds are Circling My old hands don't look like they used to After so much fruitless farming Will I ever be contented With a heart forever starving And All The Birds are Circling All The Birds are Circling They're stealing every seed that I sow All The Birds Are Circling All The Birds Are Circling One Day they're gonna fly me home One old day they're gonna fly me home Now I'm over the mountain Crossed that river wide and swift I got out of the deep dark forest I never thought that it would look like this I never thought it would look like this And All The Birds are Circling All The Birds are Circling All The Birds are Circling
If I was a weathergirl I would marry a racecar driver I'd work-out every morning if my teeth were straight and white Every now and then I might smoke a cigarrette While he's driving around in circles in his number five Corvette If I was a weathergirl I would make hair appointments At the end of every month so my roots would never show I'd wear contact lenses As I looked into the cameras I'd go right on smiling through the rain and through the snow And in my wedding picture Me and my racecar driver My shining silver lining Under partly cloudy skies When it's below freezing He would keep me warm And be my bolt of lightning that would quiet all my storms Sometimes at night I'd dream about The day they read the news About the smoke and fire and the twisted metal ruins And I'd be helpless watching from the sky Like a weather balloon I'd be home cooking dinner While he's out there winning races and while the Budweiser girls Douse him with champagne My girlfriends might ask me if I ever get jealous I'd say "It's a payment on the house and, I can't complain" If I was a weathergirl I would see into the future And I would know for certain that you would be coming home I wouldn't doubt my forecast That we would be alright And we would be together when we cross the finish line We would be together when we cross the finish line If I was a weathergirl I would marry a racecar driver Allison Brown SOCAN 2009
I've got a ready and a made up mind The Lord won't take me before my time Makes no difference if you laugh and scorn Mark the following signs To my reward There's Something Holy On the edge of the mountain Let your faith break your fall There's Something Holy On the teeth of the Devil I see the light as the blood is drawn Touch my lips to the jar of poison Feel the fire in my throat Shout out loud as I tremble With the quickening power Of the Holy Ghost ~ solo ~ So let me die a common sinner If my soul remains unclean When I hear that demon's whisper I will know I've been redeemed Chorus Copperhead and Diamondback Lead me on that path divine Steal the Viper from the feet of the Virgin Hold it on the shoulders of your faithful child Chorus
The Nice Guy 03:32
It could have been the geography Some flaw in the technology It could have been anything else but you trying to make a fool out of me Stop shining lights in my direction I get high on blind affection It's a breeze that so seldom lifts my wings They say there's no fury like a woman scored So I'm telling you now so that you've been warned There's more sorrow in a woman accidentally swooned You picked the wrong girl to be so nice to Intuition is hard not to trust Imagination can be dangerous With the night so dark we'd never know what's ahead of us Thought I was easier to see through I haven't got a lot to hold on to With the light of my eyes you can read my cards I can gamble with a chance of winning Just wish you would have told me from the beginning That the deck you were dealing Was missing all the hearts Chorus Bridge - You were looking for a friend in me And you'll get one eventually Gold like yours ain't so easily found Hey you were nice enough To let me down So while I'm sitting here deconstructing Wondering if I should say something But I'm too sunk down even to say goodbye With your fire burning back at home So many walking wounded out here on the road Maybe you shouldn't be such A Nice Guy Allison Brown SOCAN 2009


“Viper At The Virgin’s Feet”
Independently Released May 15th, 2010
Produced By David Essig & Allison Brown
Folk ~ Roots ~ Songwriter ~ Country

Tempted to tread the dusty highway between light and darkness, joy and sorrow, faith and doubt, sunshine and rain; Allison’s second release “Viper At The Virgin’s Feet” reveals deep explorations of gospel and roots music surrounding originals forged from the fires of folk tradition. The anticipated follow-up to 2005’s “Everything That Shined”, Allison narrowly escapes the devil’s teeth as “Viper At The Virgin’s Feet” snakes though twelve tales of heartbreak, stormy skies, fearless faith and a detour to cactus country. Like a serpent in the garden, ominous undercurrents simmer beneath the surface of “Viper At The Virgin’s Feet”. The album’s title track “Something Holy” sings through the eyes of a brave believer in an Appalachian rattlesnake handling church meeting, while “If I Was A Weathergirl” is a winsome languish inspired by real life TV News personalities. Allison captures her inner outlaw translating Townes Van Zandt’s “Poncho & Lefty” and pays tribute to favourite songwriters Iris Dement and Patty Griffin on her way out of the desert. “Uncloudy Day/Evenin’ Train” testifies Allison’s joyful devotion to revival, and “All The Birds” flies Allison out of the deep dark forest only to realize the journey is still at its beginning.

Allison reunited with her musical mentor and producer of her 2005 release “Everything That Shined”, David Essig at his home studio on Protection Island, British Columbia for recording sessions that would bring Allison’s newest songs to life on record. Followed by a month long solo Greyhound Bus tour, with guitar, ukulele and suitcase in hand, she returned to London with eight pearls from the ocean-side sessions. Four more songs were added this winter from live off the floor sessions at Andy Magoffin’s House Of Miracles.

The west coast band features Rick Scott (Pied Pumkin) on dulcimer, Tamara Little on high lonesome harmonies, Shelley Brown on upright bass, Trish Clair-Peck on violins, and David Essig’s artistry on a number of electric and acoustic guitars. Recorded completely live from the studio floor, the Miracles sessions feature Jedd House on upright bass, Aaron Lozynsky on harmonica and acoustic guitar, Blair Heddle on mandolin, banjo and dobro, and Blair Whatmore on accordion. Misguided angels Anna Atkinson and Erin Gignac flew in to provide viola, violin and choir-loft harmonies. London photographer Mike Bourgeault captured the images for the album sleeve and John James Audubon’s “Common Mockingbird” was used with permission from the New York Historical Society for the album cover.

“’Viper At The Virgin’s Feet’ fulfills the promise of her fantastic debut; it’s the Allison originals that are my favourites” ~ David Clarke, Scene Magazine

“a gorgeous voice that seemed too big for one person” ~ Barbara Bruderlin, B.C. Musician

“rather obvious that she’s listened to a lot of great music and has let the timelessness of traditional music and generations of great artists inform her own songwriting and her wise choice to balance her repertoire with well-chosen traditional and contemporary folksongs” ~ Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches

“’All The Birds’ was the complete elixir I needed to feel many troubles melt away”~ Scott Vernon, Roots Music Canada

“’Viper At The Virgin’s Feet’ offers an authentic rural flavour throughout and Brown particularly conveys a mature, confident delivery” ~ Andreas Gripp, CHRW 94.9fm


released May 15, 2010

Allison Brown ~ Vocals, Guitar, Baritone Ukulele & Tambourine
David Essig ~ Guitars, Ukulele, Bass
Shelley Brown ~ Bass
Tamara Little ~ Vocals
Rick Scott ~ Dulcimer & Vocals
Trish Clair Peck ~ Violin
Anna Atkinson ~ Violin, Viola and Vocals
Erin Gignac ~ Piano and Harmony Vocals
Aaron Lozynsky ~ Harmonica and Guitar
Blair Heddle ~ Banjo, Dobro & Mandolin
Jedd House ~ Upright Bass
Blair Whatmore ~ Accordion

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Pancho & Lefty
Mr. Valentine's Dead
Long Ride Home
and Our Town

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All Photography by Mike Borgeault

Art Design By Melissa Parrott

John James Audubon's 'Mockingbird' was used with permission from the New York Historical Society.


all rights reserved



Allison Brown Windsor, Ontario

ALLISON BROWN loves to sing a great song. She brings her tuneful, sweet and powerful voice to her endless collection of hand-picked roots music repertoire alongside crafted original songs. Her vocal elasticity stretches three octaves; she delivers melody with conviction and has a knack for creating perfect harmony with other singers. ... more

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